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CD Baby link to Her Eyes

A terrific new quintet, just finished our first recording! We're in the process of post-production. Piano - Santiago Bosch, Drums - Juan Ale Saenz, Guitar - Lucian Gray, Acoustic Bass - Dave Santoro, and I'm playing alto saxophone. The style is mainstream jazz in the tradition of '50's and 60's Blue Note Jazz, with a contemporary sound mixed in. This band swings hard. It's so new, we don't even have a band name yet. The mix is great... getting ready to put it out!. NEWS! We're going back into the studio in a few days to record a video!!!

Before this band Dave and I recorded with our quartet, called East West Standard Time. This band featured Dave Santoro on bass, Hamir Atwal on drums and Takeshi Ohbayashi on piano. We have one cd on CD Baby, called "Day Dreaming". On this one as well, we were playing 50's & 60's jazz songs. Ideal music for us to play with a swinging, lyrical and adventurous approach. An excellent jazz quartet...I'm so happy we recorded!

You can also see my 1st cd as a leader there as well. This one is called "Her Eyes", also on CDBaby. This is a quartet with Jim Kelly on guitar, Fernando Huergo on bass, and Yoron Israel on drums. This cd is songs composed by me. These guys played beautifully here...great band! (You can see a link to "Day Dreaming" and "Her Eyes" on CDBaby. (Look just to the left).

I've included some excerpts on the audio player (in blue at the top center of this page). And you can also find these excerpts on the Audio page.

I'm very proud of both of these recordings. I hope you'll check them out.